The history of the pharmaceutical industry in Latvia is rich in its professional research institutions such as the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvian State Forest Research Institute and compatriots – nominee for the Nobel Prize – Wilhelm Ostwald and one of the founding fathers of stereochemistry Paul Walden, as well as with world-renowned innovative original products developed and marketed by fast-growing Latvian pharmaceutical companies: Olainfarm AS, Grindeks AS, Rīgas Farmaceitiskā fabrika AS.

The beauty, strength and wisdom of nature are the basic elements of our innovative solutions produced to improve health care and the quality of people’s lives. The unique natural resources of Latvia, cycles of changing seasons, clean pesticide-free environment, typology of forest ecosystem with vast biotic and abiotic qualities, as well as knowledge and traditions gathered throughout the centuries are the foundation of the intellectual potential of Latvian pharmaceutical industry and inspire us to develop and implement new ideas for the natural ingredient applications.

Since 2010, the company Silv EXPO has been working on transforming fresh ideas, developments and technologies into new generation products or services. The company has developed several innovative products for the treatment and prophylaxis of cardiovascular, respiratory, and chronic hepatic diseases that have successfully conquered the market of Latvia and the Baltics. Several in vitro and in vivostudies have been carried out in close cooperation with scientists, researchers and health care professionals, as well as a clinical study to find the most effective dosages and compound combinations of Latvian spruce and pine needle active substances – Polyprenol, Silbiol, Chlorophyllin. At the moment our company is working on the development of new technologies, while optimising the existing ones for the extraction of active natural substances. We’re also working on Nano-technological solutions for the inclusion of active substances into Nanosomes to result into the most effective pharmaceutical products.

To achieve smart and sustainable development as well as economic growth based on knowledge and innovation, the team of Silv EXPO works with imagination, courage and confidence.

The Company also supports Latvian athletes: pentathlon athlete Deniss Čerkovskis, and long jumpers Jānis Leitis and Lauma Grīva. There is a chance that they will become the most successful Latvian athletes who will have the honour of representing Latvia and promoting its name in the 31st Summer Olympics taking place in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As proven in practice, targeted scientific support can be crucial in compliance with the high standards of the games and support of athletes in leading a healthy lifestyle. For the new Silv EXPO product Kardiopren – an innovative preparation with a new type of pharmacological action of natural substances that improves myocardial and muscular functionality, as well as increases athlete’s tolerance towards load – the Summer Olympics will be a great chance to prove its effectiveness by improving the athletes’ performance.

The action of Silv EXPO developed Kardiopren is focused on the mobilisation of organism cell protection mechanisms by stimulating the non-interrupted formation cycle of Dolichol phosphate, and the activity of regenerative molecules (enzymes, transcription factors, receptors, etc.), stabilising cell membrane protein conformation. The main value of the Olympic Games – effort of athletes to show their best performance – fully complies with the values of Silv EXPO, the most important of which is excellence. Both aims share several common values, therefore, we are excited to see the results of our and the athletes’ cooperation in the Olympic Games this year.